Supporting Men in their Parenting Role

Research has consistently shown that children benefit from the active involvement of fathers in their care and upbringing. Greater engagement of fathers in their children’s lives can yield many social, educational and psychological benefits and positive outcomes for children (Chance and Halligan,). Children whose fathers guide and inform them are more likely to be productive members of society; they are more likely to do well in primary school when their fathers also show a keen interest in learning; children are less likely to end up involved in the criminal justice system when they have had regular contact with their father before the age of 11 years. The closer children are to their fathers, regardless of the quality of the mother-child relationship, the happier, more satisfied, and less distressed they are (Amato, 1994).

The He’s My Dad Project provides fathers with 1 to 1 advocacy and support. There is also a weekly meeting point for men to come together and talk about the challenges and joys of being active parents to their children. Men can make direct contact  on 046-9078220 or email

Comments from men who have availed of support from the He’s My Dad Project;

 “Moral support, advice, solidarity, sympathetic ears are all found at the forum. In my experience men struggle along alone for a long time before admitting they need help. I did too until my time with [my child] was affected. The forum is helping me resolve issues quickly and properly for [my child]’.

‘Someone to talk to and to listen. I get support and reduced feelings of powerlessness and frustration etc.’

Along with our weekly meetings and 1 to 1 support, the Project organises Father and Children trips during the school holidays.  Last year these trips included visits to Santa, Dublin Zoo, Trim Castle and an Ice Cream Producing Farm.

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