Welcome to Meath Springboard Family Support Services

Meath Springboard Family Support Services provide a range of services which aim to support adults in their parenting role for the benefit of their children. Parents want the best for their children and sometimes as parents we need information, assistance or guidance. Through the provision of the following services we meet these needs for the benefit of children.

Our services include:

  • Tailored Programmes of Family Support are individual programmes of support for parents and their children to address issues negatively impacting on the children.
  • Parent training courses and support groups
  • He’s My Dad Group. A dedicated support service for men in their parenting role.
  • Children’s Access Support Service – supporting children to develop & maintain contact with their non-resident parent following family breakup. (This service is a pay per use service).
  • Counselling – affordable counselling support for children and  adults (on issues impacting on their parenting).  Our funds for this service are limited and each family are asked to pay according to their means.

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