We believe that every child has a right to a positive relationship with each of their parents. Our aim in providing the Children’s Access Support Service is to support, maintain and develop the relationship between the child and their non-resident parent, (as long as it’s in the child’s best interest) Our goal is for the non-resident parent child relationship to move beyond the need for  our support.

We provide a positive and safe environment for children to meet with their non-resident parents. Parents can purchase this service directly by completing the relevant forms and meetings. The service is also available to Tusla, The Child and Family Agency for children in foster and or residential care.

The following is a break down of the charges associated with providing access support.

Set Up Fee.

The set up fee at the point of referral is  €125 – this covers the following steps;:

Step 1: Administration regarding request for Access Support (referral). Access Co-ordinator meeting with initial applicant to discuss the referral. Communication with other parent to discuss and arrange an initial meeting. €65.00

Step 2: Second parent attend for a meeting with Access Co-ordinator to consider availing of the  service. €30.00

Step 3: Written contracts, child consulted and introduced to premises and staff. €30.00

The total fee of €125 is payable by the parent who initiates contact with us and must be paid before we can proceed with the application.   If the process does not proceed to step 2 or 3,  that proportion of the fee will be returned to the parent paying the fee.


If agreement is reached and Access goes ahead the following ongoing fees apply;

Supported Hand Over – Staff present to receive and return the child at the start and end of access. Brief notes are kept.  – Cost €20

Supervised Access: -Staff present with child for the duration of the access, records of each session kept.  – €30 per hour

Screening and Cleaning Fee – With new Covid-19 measures in place a screening call the day before access and a deep clean following the session is in place – €20 per session

Additional meetings such as reviews, will be charged at the hourly rate of €30 per staff member per hour.

Responsibility for the payment of these ongoing fees will be agreed in the contract.


Reports are written up for each Access Session as part of the ongoing fees outlined above. Summary reports can be provided to parents and will be charged at a rate of €30 per hour of work required to review previous reports and write a summary report. This fee is payable by the parent who requests the report and both parents will be issued with a copy.

Court attendance

As a service we prefer not to attend court. Our intention is to provide a safe, homely and child friendly access support service. We do not wish to become part of family law disputes. If we are summoned to court the current minimum charge is €240 plus expenses. This cost can increase if preparation time i.e., reports are required prior to attending court.

A minimum of 2 weeks notice is required for court attendance, and costs associated with attendance are payable up front.

Additional Charges

Any additional costs incurred during the provision of  Access support will be agreed prior to sessions and will be the responsibility of the parents. Such costs can include activity admissions i.e., cinema, toddler’s play zone etc, language interpretation if access is conducted in a language other than English, travelling time and costs when access is conducted outside of Springboard premises.

Contact details

Tel: 046 9078220 / 9078221 or Email

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